Beef croquette


Garlic Bread

Bolo do caco bread garnished with herb butter.



The soup of the day, with the freshest ingredients.



Bun-burger with lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions.



Burger with brewer sauce, bolo do caco toasted with butter herbs, fried onion, garlic and fried egg.



Bun-burger, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon and coleslaw.



Plate-served burger with regional bread from Alentejo, Portuguese sauce, fried egg, prosciutto.



Burger in bolo do caco bread (garnished with herb butter), arugula, goat cheese and homemade berry fruits jam.



Pork in bolo do caco bread, seasoned with pepper pasta and coriander with sautéed black pudding, sausage and smoked sausage, fried egg and pickle salad with olives.



Plate-served burger with bread, creole sausage, bacon, cheese, fried egg and dizzled with Francesinha sauce (spicy).



Hand-minced hamburguer, on bread, seasoned with purple onion and chives, with slices of grilled pineaple, iceberg lettuce and homemade mayo. Served with sweet fries



Bun-burger with bacon strips, cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried egg and caramelized onions.


Com Todos

Bun-burger with mixed sauté (bacon, creole sausage and caramelized onions), cheese, fried egg, lettuce and tomato.



Burger served in Bolo do Caco bread (garnished with herb butter), lettuce, grilled tomato and São Jorge Cheese (12 months curated)


Dom Quixote

Burger in heated brioche, lettuce, manchego cheese D.O.P., fried seasoned shrimps, mayonnaise sauce with tomato, paprika and lime. Served with french fries with oregano. (Spicy)



Bun-burger with sheep’s cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, caramelized onions with mayonnaise, mustard, oregano and ketchup sauce.



Picanha burger on black bean bread with cheddar, pineapple, white cabbage (seasoned) and caramelized onion BBQ sauce.


Inca (vegan)

Quinoa and black beans burguer with pineapple, coriander, red cabbage, lettuce, tomato and avocado mayonnaise. Served with sweet fries.



Fresh salmon, seasoned with purple onion and coriander. Served in a tea match bolo do caco bread with cream cheese sauce, lime scrapes, avocado, mango, purple onion and arugula. Served with sweet fries.



Sirloin steak with fried egg and Hã’s sauce. Served with fries.


Smash Burger

Two pressed burgers with Cheddar Cheese, Fried Onion and BBQ Sauce. Served with round french fries.


Menu Kids

Bun-burger and French fries. Beverage included (water, lemonade, natural orange juice or ice tea).


Fried egg / Extras (each) | 1,20 €
Thai Rice / Mixed salad / French fries | 2,10 €
Grilled Vegetables / Coleslaw | 2,10 €
Sweet Fries | 3,30 €
You can exchange any garnish for Sweet Fries for 1,20€.
No dish, food or drink, including the couvert can be charged if it is not requested, or unused by the client.
Please inform our team of any allergy you might have. Thanks!

chicken salad

Juliana lettuce, spinach, tandoori chicken, azores cheese (12 months curated), cherry tomato, mango, beetroot, radish, coriander and seeds mix. Seasoned with vinaigrette and cesar sauce.


Smoked Salmon Salad

Juliana lettuce, spinach, smoked salmon, tomato, purple onion, radish, coriander, oregano, bolied egg and goat cheese. Seasoned with balsamic vinaigrette and yogurt sauce.


Prawn Salad

Juliana lettuce and purple cabbage, purple onion, radish, cherry tomato, coriander, oregano, goat cheese, spinach, fried seasoned shrimps and linseed. Seasoned with vinaigrette and yogurt sauce.


All our salads are seasoned in the kitchen. If you prefer to do it yourself, please inform the staff.

Chocolate mousse

€3,30 | €1,20

Caramel mousse

€3,30 | €1,20


€3,30 | €1,20

Lemon sorbet

€3,30 | €1,20

Apple Tatin

with vanilla ice cream ball, chantilly and toasted almond


The Best Brownie Ever Made

with vanilla ice cream ball, chocolate topping, chantilly and cherry in syrup


Tanqueray (orange / juniper / cinnamon) €7,50
Bulldog (coriander / lemon) €9,00
Hendricks (cucumber, lemon) €10,90
Martin Millers (lime, juniper) €11,50
Monkey 47 (lemon) €14,00

All our Gins are served with Schweppes Water Tonic.
If you prefer, you can opt for Fever Tree Tonic for 3.00€ more.
Gingertayl (Ginger beer, tequila, lime juice, mint and sugar syrup) €7,00
Caipirinha €6,00
Caipiroska €6,00
Mojito / Pink Mojito €6,00
Lemon / Strawberry Margarita €6,50
White €1,80 (copo)
Red €2,80 (copo)
White Planalto – Douro €11,50
Red Papa Figos – Douro €14,50
Red / White Caiado – Alentejo €11,50
Red Trinca Bolotas – Alentejo €15,00
White / Red Sangria (glass) €4,00
White / Red Sangria (1L) €10,50
White / Red Sangria (2L) €19,50
Sparkling Wine Sangria (1L) €13,80
Sparkling Wine Sangria (2L) €23,50
Sangria Tropical (1L) €14,50
Sangria Tropical (2L) €25,00
Ginger Sangria (1L) €14,50
Ginger Sangria (2L) €25,00
Draft beer (20cl) €1,50
Stout (25cl) €2,00
Half Pint (50cl)€2,50
Half Pint Stout (50cl) €2,90
Draft beer (40cl) €3,40
Stout (40cl) €3,80
Bottle (33cl) €2,00
Somersby (33cl) €2,50
Craft Beer (25cl) €2,90
Craft Beer (40cl) €4,30
Limonada €2,10
Strawberry Lemonade €2,10
Hã’s Tea €2,10
Vitamin of the Day €3,20
Natural Orange Juice €3,00
Plain Water €1,50
Sparkly Water €2,00
Tonic Water €1,80
Ginger Ale €1,80
Coca-Cola / Zero €2,00
Fanta €2,00
Sprite €2,00
Guaraná €2,00
Ice Tea €2,00
Licor Beirão €4,00
Amêndoa Amarga €4,00
Martini €3,50
Whisky New €5,50
Single Malt €6,50
Brandy Old €5,50
Coffee €0,90
Decaf €0,90
Tea €1,20
Hã’s Cappuccino €2,00